subconscious mind awakening

Technique to Harness the Subconscious Power

The state of mind of a beginner is one which is ready to learn, is receptive to ideas and free from preconceptions. It’s a head which is not guilty, unafraid, as if starting all over with a clean slate. It’s a head which is completely accessible and interested at the present moment.

On the other hand, an expert’s head is one that limited and is fixed to chances. It’s fast to remember from filled with anticipations and experiences, and memories. It’s afraid of perceived mistakes and unmet expectations. An expert’s head is filled with dispositions, tendencies and mental habits.

The finest instance of the head of a beginner is that of a kid. Most people are knowledgeable about the sight of a young toddler researching his encircling and experimenting with playthings with wonder and awe, and a 5 year old or filled with interest looking on at a plane with astonishment in his eyes.

So, if you’ve got an innocent mind like that of a kid – interested, ready to learn, unafraid and full of astonishment at the task at hand available, you then can be said to have the head of the beginner. This kind of head is rested, open and prepared to absorb information with no preconceived ideas or expectations.

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